Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tis the Season to Make Dry Ice Snow

Tis the Season to Make Dry Ice Snow

With temperatures already increasing and summer waiting just around the corner, Polar Tech Industries wants to remind everyone about the importance of keeping their temperature sensitive products safe. Wanting to provide the best options and solutions for customers, Polar Tech is proud to introduce the new Absolute Zero dry ice snow maker. The AZ4 HIGH YIELD Dry Ice Snow Maker is ideal for small to high production as it produces 17 lbs. per 2 minutes, providing up to 47% yield.  Just another easier way for companies to keep their products as cold as ice during these hot summer months!

Some reminders why you might want to use dry ice snow during the upcoming summer and throughout the year:
  • Dry ice temperature is -109⁰F/79⁰C.
  • Dry ice will sublimate. Sublimate is the properties of going from a solid to a gas without becoming a liquid. 
  • Unlike water ice which causes an inconvenient wet mess, dry ice does not melt.
  • Dry ice is simple to use and easy to handle; the Absolute Zero dry ice snow maker is convenient for all users.
  • Dry ice gives more than twice the cooling energy per pound of weight and three times the cooling energy per volume than regular water ice.
  • Dry ice can be used in conjunction with cold packs or mixed with regular ice to save on shipping weight and extend the cooling energy of the refrigerant.
  • Dry ice can readily be packed and molded to fit easily around your product. Make sure to use insulated gloves!
  • Contrary to what is believed, dry ice snow making is now affordable and saves money in the long haul.

This summer season, don’t be intimidated by the heat. Remember to incorporate dry ice snow into your packaging and shipping. Keep things simple to make protecting your valuable product easy and fun! TIS THE SEASON TO MAKE DRY ICE. Stay Cool!

Watch the Absolute Zero Dry Ice Snow Maker in action:

* All models of dry ice snow makers require liquid CO2, bottom siphon tube, either low or high pressure supply tank. 

* For dry ice warnings from Polar Tech, please click here

For more information on dry ice visit our dry ice info section here or visit our website at

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